Allen Home School Compact

Johnny N. Allen Sixth Grade Campus

Title I School-Parent-Student Compact

2012 -2013

In an effort to build and develop a strong and responsible partnership that will help Title I students achieve the state’s high academic standards the following compact is agreed upon:

School Pledge

The entire staff of Allen Campus pledges, at a minimum, to invite all parents to an annual meeting to discuss the school-parent-student compact, parent-teacher conferences, and school and student goals.  Parent training will also be provided in the language spoken by the majority of the parents.  We pledge to provide high-quality curriculum and instruction in effective learning environment.


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Parent/Guardian Pledge

As the parent of a student at Allen Campus, I pledge to accept responsibility for supporting my child’s learning by monitoring school attendance/tardies, homework completion, television-watching, and extracurricular/leisure activities. I will support the school’s discipline plan and participate in parent involvement activities as frequently as I can.

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Student Pledge

As a student at Allen, I pledge to give my very best effort so that I can achieve my academic and personal goals.  I will adhere to the GATOR Success expectations and will Give respect, Accept responsibility, Think safety, Overcome obstacles, and Reach goals.

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